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Do You Need a Sugar Detox? Probably! Here's one for just $5 ...


Sugar is the new fat. But what most people don't realize is ALL the places sugar is hidden. It's not just the sugar you're aware of in things like cookies and candy. It's sugar hiding in seemingly healthy foods and the ridiculous amount of carbs that most Americans consume. THAT is what's preventing you from losing weight, feeling good, and operating at your best! 


Added sugar is one of the biggest perpetrators of America's current health crisis. It can be implicated in cases of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer – but its detrimental effects can take years to surface.


You are probably eating way more sugar than you even realize. The food industry knows that it's addicting and that it makes heavily processed foods taste good, so it's being added to everything from salad dressings to soup, crackers, and more.


Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from decreasing sugar in your diet through a sugar detox:

  1. You'll shed weight
  2. You'll stop harmful inflammation in your body
  3. You'll look younger
  4. You'll protect your brain power
  5. Your energy will improve
I kicked off 2018 with by offering a 5-day sugar detox to help people get back on track after the holidays and people had results like these:

✔️My fibromyalgia pain is nearly gone!
✔️DOWN 6 POUNDS in 5 days.
✔️This was the perfect jumpstart to getting me back on track and totally motivates me to keep pushing to my goal!
✔️Thank you so much. I have more energy and not as sluggish!
✔️ I'm sleeping so much better & wake up ready to go!
✔️My final weigh in today, down 12 pounds! Wow! (results not typical but totally possible!)

Because it was such a hit, I've created a downloadable option priced at just $1 per day! Get it now.


Low Carb Made Easy


Eating a low carb diet doesn't need to be complicated! In fact, I find it pretty simple ... especially when I keep favorite easy recipes like this one in the regular rotation. Lemon garlic chicken with a side of cauliflower mash is not only filling but super tastey AND easy to make. Here you go...


Lemon Garlic Chicken (doubles well for freezing multiple meals)

● 2t minced garlic
● ¼ cup olive oil
● 2T parsley
● 2 T lemon juice
● 4-6 chicken breasts


Place all ingredients in a freezer bag. Squish to mix to chicken in covered in sauce. Freeze flat (if freezing). To cook, thaw and bake for 35 minutes on 350, grill or cook in crockpot on low for 6-8 hours. If you're up for it, make your own cauliflower mash from scratch! Here's the recipe we use (cream cheese and nutmeg are optional!). But, in a pinch - the frozen version is adequate and quite tasty, it's a go-to in my home more than one night per week! I top mine with avocado or MCT oil for a boost of good fat!


#BestNineof2017 | December 2017


According to Instagram, this was my #BestNineof2017.


I love that this collage represents some of the brightest spots in our year and so many happy memories as a family ... because 2017 was easily the hardest year of our lives. In so many ways. We faced several unexpected barriers, terrifying circumstances, difficult endings, and challenges of our faith.


BUT through all of those things, we developed strength, held onto hope, and learned that when you feel faith is all you have left ... God can show you that it's all you need.


As much as I dislike when the holidays end and the reality of winter sets in ... I also truly LOVE the beginning of a new year and the fresh start it brings. Normally on January 1, I think about my goals and what I want to achieve in the coming year. Not this year. This year my focus isn't on what I want to do or achieve or accomplish ... but on how I want to live, who I want to be, what I'm trusting GOD (not me) to do in 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends. Cheers to new beginnings!


These Are a Few of My Favorite Things 


We've entered into the holiday shopping season and I often have friends & family asking for my recommendations on various healthy living & fitness related items this time of year. So, I've compiled a small list of some of my favorite products, services, and resources to share with you! 


1. Streaming Workouts (no excuses during the holidays!)

2. Brain Octane Oil for mental clarity & energy

3. All-Natural home & personal care products for toxin-free living 

4. My favorite options for workout clothes & athleisure wear

5. My favorite app for habit/activity tracking & healthy tips

Find all the details for each of these items and links below...
1.My Go-To Streaming Workout Choices
  • As a Les Mills instructor for nearly 12 years, my favorite streaming workouts are definitely from Les Mills-on-Demand! The workouts here are all set to the beat of the music and you can choose from a variety of options based on what type of workout you're looking for that day. Get a free 10-day trial or monthly membership for $12.99 here.
  • My 2nd favorite option for streaming workouts is from Beachbody on Demand which literally provides you with hundreds and hundreds of workout options through a variety of programs. PLUS there are lots of additional tools including a cooking show and nutritional resources. This option is a great deal at just $8.25 per month when you get the all-access membership for a full year. Get it here.
2. Brain Octane Oil
I use this every morning blended up in my coffee and substitute it for other oils throughout the day. It's flavorless so it's great for dressings, smoothies, and other recipes where I want to get a boost of fat! Get it here.
  • Reliable and quick source of energy from fat, not sugar
  • Helps your body burn fat
  • Quality fats that don’t weigh you down
  • Distilled from 100% pure coconut oil

3. All-Natural Products for the Home and Personal Care

Toxin-free living is SUPER important to me. Living clean and healthy is not just about food - it's also about the products we use in our homes and put ONTO our bodies. Did you know that household cleaning products and personal care items are some of the biggest hormone disruptors and causes of chronic health issues & even disease? I recently found a line of products for the home and personal care that I am LOVING for their quality and price. Yes, the price is higher than what I'd pay in the store for a well-known brand but when it comes to my health and safety, I'm willing to spend a little more. Check out the catalog of options here.


For reference, these are my favorite everyday products from this store:

  • Toothpaste &  Mouthwash (my teeth are whiter since I started using these!) 
  • Deodorant (it takes a little adjusting but this holds up even during my workouts!)
  • Facewash (only takes a tiny bit and it's great at removing my makeup)
  • Body Lotion (our skin is our largest organ - it's so important to be using toxin-free products on it!)
  • Shower Gel (suds up the way I like and smells great!)
  • Laundry Detergent or Tabs (leaves my laundry smelling great!)
  • Handsoap (your hands are your first point-of-contact with things!)


4. Workout Clothing & Athleisure Wear

If you know me, you know I LIVE in workout clothing! I want workout gear that performs well & will last a long time as well as pieces that keep me comfy without sacrificing style and, most importantly, the price has to be right! Even as a fitness professional, I'm not willing to spend over $100 on a pair of workout pants!


  • I recently discovered Zyia, a new fitness clothing line available only online. The quality of these pieces rivals the few I have from Lululemon and Athleta but the price is slightly lower. The pants fit like a glove & all the items have been amazing even during my sweatiest workouts. Plus, new items are added to their catalog almost weekly. Check it out here.
  • Fabletics is my other go-to choice for comfortable and functional workout clothing. The quality of the workout clothes isn't nearly as good as Zyia BUT there are a lot more options for athleisure clothing at good prices! Find the site here.


5. My Fitness Pal App for Habit/Activity Tracking and Healthy Tips

This app keeps me HONEST! It's simple to use and excellent for helping me to track my fitness and nutrition. As an LCHF (low carb high fat) eater, it's very important to me to track what I'm eating on a daily basis so that I can be sure I'm staying within my nutrient ratios to feel and perform at my best! Plus, I have a tendency to be an under-eater which can be just as detrimental to my health & fitness as over-eating. By using the app, I can make sure that I eat enough each day and that even when I enjoy some treats - I keep it in check. I also love the app for great tips & articles to keep me learning about the best ways to stay healthy. Check it out online here or find the app in your phone's app store & set up a free account! 

Sleep = The Simplest Way to Lose Body Fat! 


Don't you wish you could sleep like a child?! I admit, when I watch my son sleep I get a little bit of nap envy! 


Did you know that the easiest and best way for you to lose body fat and balance your hormones is SLEEP? Coming from someone who LOVES to sleep (like, really - I LOVE it and if my life would allow me to take a nap on the daily I totally would!) it's easy for me to tell you that you NEED to sleep more. But I know - saying and doing are very different things. Truth is that I don't get enough sleep and I bet you don't either. And, unfortunately, it's wreaking havoc on many of us in terms of our weight and hormonal health.


BUT this is one habit that is easy to change. You simply have to make it a priority! Get to bed a little earlier and use some of the following tips to help you get the best sleep you can ... 

✔️ Set yourself up for good sleep by unwinding at least 30 minutes before you hit the bed.
✔️ Make sure your room is plenty dark and that you're warm and cozy.
✔️ Use an app like "Calm" (my favorite) to help you sleep. You can choose sounds, music, stories to listen to.


Set your goal to get to bed 30 minutes earlier tonight! Your body will thank you.


Heart > Hustle


Heart over Hustle. Those are the words I wrote at the top of my list of 2017 goals back in January of this year. Underneath that goal, I listed all the things I wanted to change and focus on in 2017 in an effort to focus on the HEART rather than the HUSTLE of life.

If you know me at all, you know I'm a fast-paced girl. A go-getter with drive who gets things done. I've always been that way - getting through each day armed with my coffee, my to-do list, and a tank full of "make it happen" gas. 

Those aren't necessarily bad qualities - in fact, they've served me well in many ways. BUT I realized over the last year that while that hustling can be fun & exciting at times and may allow me to reach big goals and do impressive things ... it can also be exhausting and take me away from the things I started out hustling FOR.


Ever been there?


At the start of this year, as I prayed about what the next 12 months would hold, what I would accomplish, and what God wanted me to focus on - I just couldn't shake this feeling that He was simply saying "JUST. SLOW. DOWN." 

In our society, we rarely give ourselves the time to slow down. We wear "BUSY" around like a badge of honor and it often sounds like a competition when conversing with friends about how life is going. Doesn't it?? {It can't just be me who feels this way!}

To JUST SLOW DOWN is so counterintuitive to nearly everything our society celebrates. Isn't it? So, I admit - while I heard the message and the prompting from God LOUD and clear, it took a little time for that message to travel from my mind to my behavior. I wrote it down as my #1 goal but then I continued to operate as though that had just been a cute little suggestion and not a direct instruction for my life. In fact, it took God getting a little louder over the next several months in an effort to get my attention and tell me again to JUST. SLOW. DOWN. 

It's September already. We're in the last 4 months of the year and I'm JUST NOW taking steps to fulfill the goal I set at the start. Closing my fitness studio at the end of next month is the first step in the process of choosing heart over hustle ... and while laying that down is so hard and feels opposite of the goals I once had - I know that doing so will take me closer to that #1 goal I set for the year. 

How about you? Has all your hustling in life caused you to lose touch with the HEART of it? You don't have to keep running. Maybe it's time to lay something down.

You Are More Than That 


I want to remind you of something. It's been on my heart to say this but I often find myself holding back for fear I'll offend someone or come off like a hypocrite since I'm certainly guilty of being influenced by these things. But I read something recently which confirmed how important it is to regularly weave these important messages into what I share in an effort to help you with health & fitness. So here goes ...

Despite what much of society, many fitness professionals & enthusiasts, and way too many people on social media are telling you ... TRUE health, fitness, and beauty are so much more than having flat abs, a tight bottom, and wearing a certain size of jeans. Just because society has put a stamp of approval on an obsession with diets and sharing a constant stream of mirror selfies doesn’t mean that’s something we should all aspire to.

I pray that you ... no, that WE can stop comparing ourselves to photoshopped models and Instagram fitness accounts. I pray we will stop forcing our bodies to conform to society's idea of what beauty looks like and feeling ashamed or self-conscious when we don't measure up. I pray that we will learn to embrace our individuality and the beauty of the bodies God gave us.

You are more than the size of your body, the sculpt of your muscles, the number on the scale! You are YOU and you are wonderfully made. So love that, embrace it, and live the life God intends you to live, which I can promise you is not a life of comparison or feeling "less than". 

Now, before anyone misinterprets this - I am not saying there is anything wrong with striving to be fit & healthy or working toward specific physical goals or even with sharing proud accomplishments with those goals. Heck, my career depends on that! But I AM saying that the motivation and messaging within these things is what we, as women, need to be conscious of! WE have the power to change the message being sent and received. 


LCHF Peanut Butter Fluff


The richness of a great dessert without the sugar!

As a low-carb high-fat eater I've eliminated (or at least greatly reduce) my consumption of sweets and desserts that I used to enjoy regularly. I'm not saying I never have a cookie or piece of cake or pie (I do!) but they are not my go-to sweets on a regular basis when I need a treat because of the sugar/carbs they contain and what those things do to my body.


So in an effort to find some great desserts that won't send my blood sugar spiking and crashing and that will be in keeping with my daily goals for carb consumption, I'm often trying out new recipes and when I find the GOOD ones - I share! 


A family member of mine who has since passed away used to make this AMAZING peanut butter pie that was to die for. I have no idea what the recipe was but I have a pretty good feeling it had some sugar in it and the crust was definitely not carb-free. So when I came across this recipe for "Peanut Butter Fluff" that claimed it tastes like PB pie, I knew I had to try it. And, I'm happy to say that IT DOES! It's wonderfully creamy and rich and tastes just like the filling of the pie I remember loving when I was younger. Here's the super-simple recipe. Enjoy!


  • 2 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter
  • 4 Oz Cream Cheese (regular, not light)
  • 1/2 Cup Organic Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla
  • 1-2 packets Stevia
  • 1/2 Square Cocoa Chocolate (for shavings)


  1. Whip heavy whipping cream until it forms stiff peaks then set aside.
  2. In a separate bowl add cream cheese, peanut butter, vanilla, and stevia and mix on medium speed until smooth.
  3. Add the cream cheese mixture to the whipped cream then mix on medium speed until fluffy.
  4. Grate chocolate shavings on top.
  5. Wah-Lah! (Best if kept in the refrigerator overnight and served a few hours later or the next day).


My Nutritional U-Turn


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been thinking about food.


What I could or couldn’t eat, should or shouldn’t eat, wanted to but wouldn’t eat. And, for as long as I can remember I’ve been addicted to two major things when it comes to food - carbs & sugar. 


I’m a fitness and nutrition professional with over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. I help women learn how to transform their bodies and lives by sharing my own personal experience, lessons, and knowledge on the topics of fitness and nutrition. Yet, I've never fully been able to break my own "addiction" to things like carbs and sweets. I’ve been known to choose what I will eat that day or at a meal based on what is available for dessert and to use my workouts as justification to eat as many carbs as I want.


I realize that being addicted to carbs and sugar doesn’t make me unique. Most of America is addicted to carbs and sugar (which is why we have the obesity epidemic we have in this country). I’m simply sharing this because I want you to understand that my dependence on and, quite honestly, what felt like my NEED for these things runs deep and has been life-long. 


My teenage years fell during the major low-fat, reduced-fat, fat-free, diet food craze. As someone who struggled with body image as well as a tendency to overeat carbs and sweets, I dove face-first into all the options when it came to this low-fat way of living. 


Less food. Less fat. More exercise.


That was the message coming at me as a teenager, all the way through my college years, and even into the start of my career in fitness. Did you hear that message, too? Have you spent a good part of your life trying to eat less, avoid fat, and exercise more in an effort to lose weight or achieve your ideal body?


I’m here to tell you that THERE IS A BETTER WAY. 


I’m almost 5’9” tall, I currently weigh 130lbs and am as lean as I’ve probably ever been, even after having a child. There was a time when I was teaching about 8-10 intense group fitness classes per week, eating about 1⁄2 as many calories (most of them low-fat) as I do now, and I weighed 15lbs MORE. What changed? Pretty much everything.


First, about 6 years ago I cleaned up my diet (literally) and transitioned to CLEAN eating, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. As a “clean-eater” my diet was full of foods as close to their natural state as possible and free from as much processing as possible. An abundance of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins like chicken and turkey, whole grains and complex carbs, and minimal amounts of healthy fat are what filled my meals. It helped immensely! But, I still continued to struggle with things like fat-loss resistance, an inability to see muscle development, chronic fatigue, cravings, anxiety & depression, and more. I just KNEW that someone like me, with my lifestyle and habits, should FEEL better than I did. So, I began researching to figure out what I needed to change.


If you’re like me, this “diet” (way of eating) is going to go against pretty much everything you’ve always been taught or believed you are supposed to do when it comes to food. It was certainly that way for me! And not only does it go against what I’ve believed for so long BUT also what I’ve been teaching my clients for so many years! This is why, at first, I simply tested it out behind the scenes to see and feel what kind of results I’d get. 


Within days of transitioning to this plan, I felt better and my bloating/inflammation was gone along with my cravings for sugar and carbs. Within a week, the scale was dropping even though weight loss was not my goal, and within a month I truly felt, and in certain ways looked different!


So WHAT IS THIS WAY OF EATING I’m raving about? It’s the Low Carb, High Fat approach paired with strategic (intermittent) fasting. For me, it’s been the game-changer! 


Yes, I know - you think fat is bad and carbs (well, the “good kind”) are good. Trust me, I’ve thought and taught that for over a decade. I don’t anymore. In fact, I went from a diet that was probably 70% carbs/ 20% protein/ 10% fat to one that is 10% carbs / 25% protein / 65% fat and the results speak for themselves - I’ve lost weight, lost the bloat in my belly, face, and arms, reduced my pain, increased my energy, dropped body fat, improved my muscle tone, improved my mood, and more!  


I have no way for you to SEE the way I feel. But, if you need visual proof that what I’ve been doing gets results, here you go. The pictures here don’t lie. They were taken just 4 weeks apart and only 3 weeks after truly following this way of eating. 


Ready to learn more and look into making a U-turn of your own? Get signed up to receive information on my ebook and online program using the link below. 


The Truth about Coconut Oil


"Coconut Oil is unhealthy. It has never been healthy." {Insert Facepalm}


Did you see this headline recently? On the morning it was published I received nearly half a dozen emails from clients asking if I saw it and what my thoughts were on it. These clients weren’t interested in my opinion simply because I work in the fitness and nutrition sector, but also because I regularly endorse the consumption of coconut oil! Coconut oil is a part of my daily diet, of the meal plans I provide to clients, and I share recipes regularly that contain it. So, when I got the heads up about it I knew I needed to not only check it out but address it.


It is SO unfortunate that someone like me (who does not have a medical background/education) has to “go up against” giants like the American Heart Association (who published the article) and phrases like “presidential advisory” which was used in the article. And yet, defending my opinion on foods against what doctors and highly respected agencies (like the AHA) say is something I do on a pretty regular basis. The reason for that is probably a topic for another day. Today I just want to focus on the report about coconut oil and give you three main points to consider as well as some links to resources so that you can learn more for yourself.


First, it is important to realize that this update by the American Heart Association did not come because of any NEW data on coconut oil (in fact the report isn’t even based on a study of coconut oil!!), they simply reviewed existing data, and reiterated their claim that saturated fats are “bad” . . . and since coconut oil is 82% saturated fat - it must be bad. Right? Wrong. This stance comes from the outdated “fat is bad” mantra that was pushed down our throats in the seventies and eighties and continues to rule in the medical community despite MANY studies that have revealed the benefits of fat, including saturated. In fact, there have been 1,500+ studies on the positive benefits of coconut oil alone!


Second, coconut oil comes from coconuts. Last time I checked coconuts grew on trees which grow in the earth. In contrast, while the AHA does not endorse consuming coconut oil (as we know from the report and article), they DO support consuming canola and vegetable oils. Did you know canola oil isn’t even a real thing? Ever seen a canola tree or plant? Me either. Hmm. It’s actually a genetically modified product made from rapeseed that is both cheap to produce and easy to put into processed foods. Check out this article for more information about it.


Third, there are TREMENDOUS benefits to coconut oil which have been documented from studies and can be found in thousands of different reports. Here are just a few:

  • Coconut oil may actually help improve cholesterol and blood lipids

  • Coconut oil has been found to help people lose weight and reduce waist circumference.

  • Coconut oil has antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

  • Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory, helping reduce the risk of heart disease.


Still not convinced? Consider this which I read this week - Mother’s milk and coconut oil have striking similarities. If coconut oil bad for us, why would God make it so similar to human breast milk? Both human milk and coconut oil have more saturated fat than the monounsaturated oils that the AHA promotes. Breast milk relies on these saturated fats to protect infants from pathogens and infections and other harmful organisms and these are the same middle chain fatty acids which make coconut oil so healing and protective. Did you know that almost all formula companies ADD middle chain, saturated fatty acids to their mixes to ensure a baby is properly nourished?? God created middle chain fatty acids and they have incredible healing power. Both Mother’s milk and coconut oil contain plentiful amounts in almost identical proportions. WOW.


One final thought . . . whenever a report like this comes out it’s important to do two things:

  1. Find out if the report is based on a study that relates to what’s being claimed (in this case, the study wasn’t even based on coconut oil specifically)

  2. Find the money trail. A lot is often revealed when you learn who funded the study and/or who benefits from the publication of the results.


Want to read more? Here are a few great articles I found:

Why Coconut Oil Won’t Kill You, But Listening to the American Heart Association Might

World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

The Truth about Saturated Fat



The Benefit of Fasted Cardio Workouts 


For the past few weeks, I've been trying something a little new with my workouts and doing 30 minute morning workouts (primarily cardio) in a fasted state. 

Why? I'm testing how my body responds and the changes I'm able to feel/see as I work toward a better balance of hormones and transitioning my body from burning sugar/carbs to burning fat. This is quite different than what I've done the last 15 years of my fitness journey when I would always make sure I had something small to eat before a workout for energy (like a banana or piece of toast - 2 things I'm not longer consuming regularly. For more on that, you'll have to follow the changes I've made to my diet recently!)


I won't lie. Some days these workouts feel great and other days it's pretty tough. But I've noticed a pattern in those things that's fascinating to note and, no surprise what it has to do!


Ok, first of all - "What is Fasted Exercise?". This term doesn't simply mean exercising on an empty stomach. Some people feel like their stomach is empty just an hour after eating. ;) Exercise done when your body is no longer processing food and insulin levels are at a low, baseline level - that is "fasted exercise".


So, in general, fasted cardio is something that you do first thing in the morning after a night of sleeping and not having consumed any food since the evening before. 


Before I jump into any more on this topic, LET ME BE CLEAR . . . there is nothing wrong with "fed" workouts! 

Any exercise burns energy and this helps you lose weight regardless of whether insulin levels are high or low. If fasted cardio doesn’t fit your schedule or lifestyle or if you simply just don’t like it (some people don’t), that's cool. You can still reach your goals without incorporating this.

That said, fasted exercise does have some unique FAT LOSS benefits, which is the main reason I decided to give it a go. Research shows that exercising in a fasted state can increase the breakdown of fat cells for energy. How? Because it's likely that when you're fasted - your glycogen stores (sugar) are depleted. Glycogen is the most readily available source of energy in your body. But if it's not available - your body has to go to the next available source that it prefers, which is fat!

Some people (and even studies) will show that doing fasted exercise can have a downside as well - muscle loss. I don't know all the science here but I haven't found this to be true for myself. However, in an effort to avoid this I am making sure to keep these fasted workouts short (no more than 30 minutes) and not super-intense so that my body is not under too much stress.

Bottom line - if you're trying to tap into fat burning for fuel during your workouts to get rid of stubborn fat storage, fasted workouts may be an option for you to try! If you do, I'd love to know what you think and how you feel.

Bulletproof Coffee: My Morning Obsession 


I tried something new this week that I really liked - not just because it's good, but because of how it made me feel as well! It's called "Keto Coffee" and basically, it's my normal, everyday cup of organic coffee served black + 1 tbsp of organic unrefined coconut oil + 1 tbsp of organic butter. Yes, butter. I blended this all up and the result was a deliciously frothy drink that rivals a Starbucks latte.


So, the question, of course, is "why?" Why would I put butter and oil in my coffee? Well, I've been preparing content for the "Thrive" program I'm creating for women with PCOS and, as I was researching, there was a specific way of eating that kept coming up as being beneficial for those of us with this condition. It's called a "Ketogenic Diet" and it's basically a Low Carb, High Fat nutrition plan - in fact, it's even referred to as such with the acronym LCHF. 


Over the course of the last 2 months, this method has come up several different times either in conversations I've had with friends or when reading online. As someone who has fallen prey to many gimmicks, diets, quick fixes, and extreme measures over the years, I am always skeptical of diet/eating "trends" or things that promise crazy results. But although there are plenty of people and articles that will say this way of eating is not for everyone (what way of eating is?), there were too many trusted sources (including PROOF in results of friends of mine) for me to ignore. So I decided to take a closer look. 


A keto diet is well known for being a low carb diet, where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. Basically, a removal of carbohydrates causes the body to produce ketones which are produced by a breakdown of fats in the liver. In short - instead of using carbs for energy, the body starts burning fat.


Now, before I go any further let me just say that I personally don't believe we should ever completely remove a food group from our diet. By doing so, we can also eliminate a lot of vital nutrients and do damage to our vital organs and bodily processes. BUT, I do believe there are methods to eating that can help us with a variety of issues and struggles. There is no ONE diet (by diet, I mean "way of eating") that is right for everyone. We are all different with a different genetic makeup, different hormonal issues, different energy systems, and so on. Just as there are people who are sensitive to Lactose and have to remove it from their diet, and people who are sensitive to Gluten and have to remove it from their diet - I'm learning that there are people (like me) that are very sensitive to carbs (specifically those from grains) and need to remove or limit them in their diet.


Since I started following this LCHF method (very loosely, I might add) just 4 days ago, I've dropped 3 lbs (weight loss was not necessarily a goal), have had MUCH more energy, have experienced less aches/pains especially in my back and joints, and have killed my cravings for sweets! Really and truly, I can't believe the difference I've felt.


So now, I'm diving in. I'm learning more and trying things so that I can bring this way of eating to other women who struggle like me and who are in need of a solution like this! Want more details? Check out the live video I did on FB below. And if you want to be added to my list for more information & tips about this, sign up here



Fit Tip: Drink More Water 


This is one of the most SIMPLE things you can do for your body and your health. I love teaching my clients about this habit because - it's free, it's simple, and it's SO effective. Here's my tip - drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water every day + 8 oz for every hour of physical activity.

Why? Almost two-thirds of the human body is made up of water. Its roles include everything from removing waste to regulating body temperature to lubricating joints, just to name a few. Water also acts as a natural appetite suppressant and aids in metabolism. With all these functions, the consumption of water is vital to the normal functioning of the body.

A lack of water consumption can be detrimental to your body. If your hydration levels drop by only 2 percent, you may experience fuzzy thoughts, lack of concentration and difficulty focusing visually. If you often feel fatigued in the middle of the day and cannot figure out why, dehydration is likely the culprit, which in turn makes exercise difficult to perform. When you are not properly hydrated, you may also feel a burning sensation in your stomach that is similar to hunger pangs. This feeling can mistakenly lead you to unnecessary calorie consumption. It has also been linked to increased risk of cancer, premature aging, irritability, anxiety and numerous other ailments. Links have even been made between chronic dehydration and obesity.


What you may not know is that drinking water can also help you lose weight. If you’ve ever noticed that when you drink water with a meal you eat less, it is because water suppresses the appetite, helping you feel fuller. Water also helps the body metabolize stored fat. If you want to burn stored fat, drink plenty of water.


Your kidneys need water to function. When you are dehydrated, your liver will step in to help your kidneys reduce waste in your body. When this occurs, the liver, which is designed to metabolize stored fat, isn’t able to metabolize fat as it normally would.


Additionally, our bodies are designed to store both water and fat for times of “famine.” If you are not feeding your body properly, it will begin to store fat, and your metabolism will slow down. In the same way, if your body thinks it is getting less water than it needs, it will retain water. At 7 pounds per gallon, water retention can significantly add to your weight! Taking a diuretic to rid your body of water weight is only a temporary solution. The best solution for getting rid of excess water retained by the body is actually drinking more water.


The amount of sodium in your diet can also cause your body to retain water. In order to properly process sodium, our bodies need water. If you are eating too much salt and not drinking enough water, your body will retain what water you do drink in an effort to process the sodium. If you are drinking 8-12 8oz glasses of water a day and still have swollen feet, hands or legs from water retention, chances are, your body is getting too much salt. To reduce your sodium intake, avoid processed foods.


Now that you've finished reading this blog - go drink some water! ;)

Finding Perfection in Imperfection 


Perfection is defined as the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.


I’ve had perfectionist tendencies all my life. I’m the girl who would start over on a clean sheet of paper before she’d ever allow any scribbles to be found. The girl with the spotless room. The girl with every hair perfectly in place. The girl who’d rather lie to loved ones about what she did and who she was than have anyone know that she was less than the perfect person she felt expected to be.


I’ve said “yes” when I wanted to say “no” just to keep others happy with me. I’ve tortured myself with regret for times I’ve made mistakes. I’ve exhausted myself trying to stay balanced on top of a pedestal that, if I’m honest, I built for myself.


Where did this disease (that’s what it can feel like) come from? Some of it is in my DNA - my family tells stories that clearly illustrate the high expectations I’ve had for myself from a young age. Some of it was modeled - my mom lives with from her own version of perfectionism and it’s something we openly talk about now that I’m trying to “recover”.


But regardless of where it came from - be it nature, nurture, or my own skewed perception of what determined my value - perfectionism has been a sidekick I’ve longed to be free of for a long time.


So, what did I do? I went and started a career in an industry where perfection is NEVER an issue. The Health & Fitness Industry! (I hope you picked up on the sarcasm here.) That’s right, I pursued a full-time career and started not just one but two businesses of my own that revolve around fitness and nutrition - an industry where perfection is not only present, it’s celebrated. Just do a google search for “fitness images” and see what comes up. It’s not a lot of pictures of people with flaws, I can tell you that much!


It’s like an alcoholic getting a job at a liquor store. And for a long time, the temptation surrounding me won. I believed I needed to have the perfect body (never happened, by the way), to eat perfectly (only happened when people were watching) and to present myself as a perfect role model for anyone striving to improve their fitness or nutrition.


Do you know how exhausting it is to pretend to be perfect? I bet you do. I bet that’s why you’re reading this. It’s exhausting. No, scratch that. I’d say it’s not just exhausting - it’s soul-sucking.


So, somewhere along the way, I decided I’d had enough. I was sick of performing and pretending, and PERFECTING it all. And I decided that instead of being perfect . . . I wanted to be perfectly IMPERFECT.


That doesn’t mean I don’t still obsess about my hair (just ask my husband! I’m working on it. ;) ) It doesn’t mean I don’t love for my home to be spotless (there’s something peace-inducing about a clean home). But it does mean that I’m being INTENTIONAL about not only accepting & embracing, but also SHARING my flaws.

It’s taking time. It’s taking effort. Gosh, it’s taking effort. But I’m working on it. And you know what? I like this imperfect version of myself a whole lot better.


Change Begins in the Mind


I don’t remember exactly when it began, but I know I was fairly young when I first started criticizing my body and comparing myself to friends. Until High School, I was taller than most of the boys, which meant I was easily taller than my girlfriends as well and that always left me feeling BIG in comparison to them.


I look back now and can see I had no reason to feel that way – I was not a big child, and I didn’t struggle with weight issues as an adolescent. But I remember those feelings being SO consuming at the time, and wreaking havoc on my self-esteem. I’m sure many of you can relate.


I cannot remember one woman saying “I love my body” or “I’m proud of how I look!” when I was growing up. I do, however, remember the constant quest for perfection . . . to be thinner, have better skin, the perfect hair, and to fit the “ideal” that society has sold to us of what a beautiful woman should look like.


Let me be very clear – I grew up in an incredibly loving home and was always affirmed by my parents and other elders about my worth. But all that love and affirmation did not prevent me from feeling insecure, analyzing every flaw, and silently comparing myself to others.


A healthy body image begins at a young age and is influenced by things we do not even realize. If you didn’t develop a healthy body image when you were younger (most of us didn’t) then you will spend a lot of time (and effort, and money) fighting to find it as an adult.


I’m sure many who know me will be surprised to hear all of this. I’ve always been a quite confident, self-assured person, and to see me now you would probably think that I can’t possibly understand what it’s like to struggle with my weight, fitness, or body image. But the truth is that I’ve spent a good part of the last 20 years in the endless pursuit to attain an impossible ideal. And it is EXHAUSTING.


However, in the last few years, I’ve finally learned how to embrace how God created me . . . to stop fighting to change it and instead work to be the best possible version of that creation that I can be. It is because I’ve worked to change my MIND about how I approach this that has made all the difference and allowed me to truly transform my body in the process.


How you feel about your body, how you approach your health and fitness, and even the results you get from your efforts – they all begin IN THE MIND. Start there and work to transform the way you think about yourself and how you approach taking care of your body. Start saying to yourself “I LOVE my body!” and “I am PROUD of my body!” Declare this to yourself and it will start to shine through in ways you never imagined!


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