My Story


I've always struggled with my body & my mind.

As a teenager, I was taller than all the boys and felt bigger than all my skinny friends, despite the fact that I was never “overweight”. Like many teenage girls, I bought into what society and the media were selling me about where a girl’s worth comes from - her size and how she looks. So in an effort to change my body somehow, I started working out at age 13.

For the next 10 years, I spent countless hours and dollars trying to change my body’s natural form in hopes that doing so would change how I felt about myself. I tried working out at home and at a gym, used diet pills and potions, skipped meals, hid behind clothes, and read every magazine article I could find with exercises to "thin your thighs" and "get rid of your butt".

None of it worked. None of it changed my body or made me feel good about myself.

When I was 23 I discovered group fitness. I was immediately hooked. The environment of a class both challenged and excited me and ultimately it changed my view of exercise. Instead of looking at working out as a means to achieving a physical result, I began looking forward to it and enjoying not just what it could do for me - but how it made me feel.

That discovery changed the course of my career. At 26 I became a certified instructor and by 28 I was the operations director of a large health club. Teaching classes to help others became my passion! I'd found a new purpose - to help other women in their struggle with exercise.

But…I still struggled. 

Despite teaching 8-10 fitness classes a week, I was still in a war with my body to get results and frustrated that I was working SO hard with exercise but it wasn't showing. That's when I realized the importance of BALANCE and of my nutrition. Unfortunately, I was still following many of the misinformed lessons I'd learned as a teenager and maintained many of the bad habits that went with them. My days were filled with protein bars, salads, low-fat and fat-free garbage, undereating … then overeating, and using my workouts as a justification to eat whatever I wanted. I was over-training, under-eating, and feeling the impact of both.

When I finally learned to eat well and find balance with exercise, everything shifted. I changed small everyday habits with my nutrition - and my body TRANSFORMED! I began seeing results from all the effort in my workouts, I started feeling more energy and less stress, I found a new confidence in my body that I’d never had in my life.

That's when I traded my job at the health club to start a career as a coach. 15 years of personal struggle became the foundation for a business designed to help women transform their thinking, their habits, and their bodies the same way I did!

But my struggle didn’t end there. In those 15 years, I wasn’t just battling my body - I was at battling within my spirit as well. I know deep down that my worth and value are not rooted in the size of my jeans, the number on the scale, how many burpees I can do, or how visible my abs are! And yet I’m a woman...within an industry...that’s part of a society which continues to use such things as a measuring stick for our value. And so I’ve realized the importance of not just physical fitness but of mental fitness - I must be mentally and spiritually strong so that I can remember what is true about me and what I believe... 

I believe that my worth (and yours) are rooted in Christ and that we are His beloved daughters - fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. I believe that what He looks at is more important than what the world looks at and what He thinks about me is more important than what the world thinks about me. 

I help women like you break the cycle of struggle and to transform both your body and mind.

I help you stop viewing exercise as a means to an end or a torturous requirement for getting results by helping you discover the workouts that will work FOR YOU and will be enjoyable enough to for you to stay committed. No more hours on end at the gym or lengthy workouts at home. I believe in and am proof that you can get results in just 30 minutes a day with the right workout. I'll teach you how.

I help you learn how to stop dieting once and for all and how to eat for results while still enjoying life and the foods you love! No more diets filled with deprivation and guilt. I believe in eating well and enjoying foods you love. I teach eating clean and eating often and I'll provide you with the simple, daily habits I've followed for the last 6 years which have allowed me to transform.

I help you learn how to transform your thinking so that you can realize your true value and worth!


The inspiration for my business is Romans 12:2 which says "Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world, but BE TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind."


I believe we can all be transformed. I want to show you how.


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