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After smoking for 27 years, I finally quit on March 14, 2011. I experienced the inevitable weight gain that accompanies quitting, even though I had prepared by losing 10 lbs prior. I began walking and exercising and started to lose weight.


One day, while getting ready for work, I looked in the mirror and I wanted to cry. I was so disappointed with how I looked. Even though I was exercising more, I was still tired all the time and I just didn’t feel good. After discovering Lindy's studio - Transform Fitness and group exercise, I had the motivation, but I was still lacking knowledge about nutrition. I wanted to lose weight, but even more so, I just wanted to feel good. Lindy invited me to join one of her online programs and, after some explanation about what I was getting into, I gladly accepted.


I was amazed at the simplicity of the program. Lindy provides simple, easy ways to adjust your eating habits. Unlike the “quick-fix diets” that provide short-term results, Lindy’s advice is a long-term way to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have learned so many things about balancing nutrition and exercise. It’s not about counting calories or omitting certain foods from your diet. It’s a simplistic natural approach to eating. Lindy takes you back to the basics. Not only have I lost weight and maintained it, I don’t get sick as often as the people around me. I feel so much better overall. I have also gained self-confidence, as well. I’m much stronger that I ever thought possible. I still have some weight to lose, but over the past six years, I have been able to maintain the weight I have lost through working with Lindy. I usually participate in at least one program with her per year, just to refresh my memory and get back to basics. - Dawn



Working with Lindy has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She has taught me so much about myself. She has worked with me to develop a consistent workout plan, as well as helpful eating habits which have transformed my daily habits and helped me create a stronger self-esteem. She genuinely cares about all of her clients and how she can best help them see the results that they have longed for. She is a very determined, loving and hardworking coach who will push you to do your best at the program you are working on.


Unknowingly, she has helped me immensely in the past couple of years and I have her to thank for motivating, encouraging and guiding me through this process to becoming a better me! - Katie

I feel like I've have battled my weight most of life. I've been anywhere from 5 lbs to 30 lbs overweight. While I've always been athletic and fairly active, I'm an overeater especially of foods that aren't waist-line friendly. And when I'm stressed or going through a difficult time, I turn to foods (and adult beverages) for comfort. When my Dad passed away in 2011 and then my Mom in 2013, I was at the lowest point of my life. I turned to food more than ever for comfort, and I weighed 160 lbs and was wearing size 12 jeans. I was mad, I was sad, and I missed my parents terribly. When a friend asked me what it would take to be happy again, my response was "I want my parents back." Knowing that was not an option, my next option...lose weight, get healthy, and feel better about myself. And that's when I met Lindy and enrolled in her classes at Transform Fitness. 
I had tried working out in my friend's home gym with some success. I had tried running and did a few 5Ks but just didn't enjoy it. In October of 2014 I attended my first group fitness class and loved it! I especially look forward to Lindy's classes. I have taken Body Pump, Body Attack, RIPPED, PiYo, Body Flow, and Hardcore with Lindy and I've never been disappointed.  She is motivating, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and inspiring. She cares about her class members, and it shows. Her passion for fitness is evident, and she creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for people of all fitness levels. Her classes are challenging, and she pushes us to work to levels outside our comfort zone. Lindy is truly a natural as a fitness instructor. 
Lindy has also coached me through the multiple programs. Since I'm not in the Facebook world, Lindy stayed in contact with me via email which was certainly more work for her. She checked on me and always responded promptly to any of my questions and concerns. Her guidance and praise when I needed it most were undoubtedly key to my success. Since joining Lindy at Transform Fitness, I've lost over 20 lbs, toned up and added muscle, and I'm wearing size 6 jeans. More importantly, I feel better about myself again. 
Lindy is more than my fitness instructor & coach. She is a strong woman and great person. She is honest, genuine, and caring. I'm proud to call her my friend. - Jenni
Lindy is a an excellent trainer. The results that I have achieved to date are largely due to her diverse training methods. She keeps every session fresh and new. Lindy's professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle. - Mai

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