My Tools for Transformation

I've created these tools based on my education, training, and most importantly my experience in order to help you transform your body and life! Some of the tools are free and others are available for purchase.


Available for Purchase


5 Day Sugar Detox: Sugar is the new fat! Kick the habit with this simple detox

In this simple 5-day detoxI provide a simple 5-day meal plan + daily tips & insights to help you kick the sugar cravings, lose the bloat, improve your energy, and feel great!


This download includes: 

✔️ A 5-day sample meal plan

✔️Recipes for all meals on the 5-day plan

✔️Daily tips/information to support your 5-day detox


You-Turn eBook: A Simple Guide to the LCHF Lifestyle

In the You-Turn eBook, I teach you about the reasoning behind adopting a LCHF nutritional lifestyle and provide a very easy-to-follow plan for implementing this way of eating into your own life.


You'll learn all about why going "low carb" is good for you and why "high fat" doesn't need to be feared + the impact that inflammatory foods (most of which are carb/sugar based) are having on your body + how to turn your body into a fat-burner, and more! Plus, I provide you with the equation you need to determine your nutrient ratios and a one-week sample meal plan to follow so that you can get started right away!

8 Week Transitional Diet: Learn to Eat Clean

I’ve created this 8-week transition plan based on my own experience with changing my diet and some of the tips I followed (and continue to follow when I need to get back on track). It’s for those of you who want simple, straightforward guidelines and focus you need in order to make changes for the long-term. Outside of a small list of what you can’t eat, you’re free to enjoy nearly anything! And you should find that by making this transition gradually, the road to clean eating is much easier. PLUS, it’s something you can repeat whenever you need.




Get the guide now for just $5! It's packed with information to help you make this transition! After you make your payment, you will be directed to the download page. If you are not re-directed to the download page, please contact me so I can email your copy! PLEASE NOTE: This is not a plan for transitioning to a LCHF (low carb high fat) diet which is what I currently follow and promote. This is simply a guide for learning to eat clean and healthy. It's a great starting point!


Free Downloads


Inflammatory Foods Guide: FREE!

Inflammation is not necessarily a bad thing - it’s how the body tries to protect us and also how the body heals. BUT, it’s our bodies response to a stressor and our body wants to try to fix and protect us when these stressors enter - which is what triggers the inflammation response! That inflammation response is water retention.


When you have inflammation in your body, specifically in your digestive tract from food, for long periods of time - it impacts your digestive health and prevents your body from absorbing nutrients properly which means that you begin missing key nutrients your body needs to maintain your health and a healthy weight. And here’s the thing - chronic inflammation is the CULPRIT when it comes to weight gain. Not only that, but 

CHRONIC inflammation (the kind that is long-lasting which is often the case when it comes to inflammation from foods we eat) hurts us in more serious ways than just weight - in fact, chronic inflammation can lead to a variety of diseases including cancer.


What’s the solution? Remove the inflammation-causing foods! But, you can't remove them until you know what they are. Here's a free download to help you learn about the foods that tend to cause the most inflammation, those that are moderately inflammatory (some people experience inflammation while others don't) and foods that are on the anti-inflammatory list.

5 Short Go-To Workouts: As Promoted on ciLiving TV | FREE Download!




Think you don't have time to exercise? If you have 10 minutes, you have time! It's not necessarily the length of your workout but the quality that matters. Results come from the little things you do, added up over time. Get a free copy of some of my simple, short, workouts here.

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